Casos de Lync como PABX?

Publicado: 28/10/2014 em Dicas, Lync 2013
Nome da Empresa Total de Ramais Referência
Shell 140.000 July 2013 – Lync 2013 case study
HP 100.000
HCL Technologies 92.000
Sprint 39.000 The first-ever Enterprise Customer to be PBX-less.  All 489 PBX have been decommissioned. December 2011 – Lync 2010 case study video
WKU 33.000 Unique story with CEBP apps of Virtual Classroom, Faculty Office hours, and auto-roster presence. October 2010 – Lync 2010 case study
TP Group 28.000
LA Fitness 25.000 Unique Story with CEBP apps of automatic billing system, purchase process, find-staff on map, and IM the expert. August 2012 – Lync 2013 case study video
AstraZeneca 25.000 February 2013 – case study video
Swisscom 20.000 Second Enterprise Customer to be PBX-less:  100% of their PBX has been retired (total of 94 PBX). January 2012 – Lync 2010 case study
Dell 13.000 Connected Workforce initiative to improve its internal collaboration and enable Dell employees to work from remote locations. November 2011 – Lync 2010 case study
Tieto 10.500 EV has been deployed to 10,000+ employees which represents 60% of their workforce. Now using Lync as primary way to make and receive calls. March 2013 – case study
UCB 9.000
EPAM 8.000
Advantage Sales and Marketing 4.500 February 2013 case study
Cerner 4.500 With this deployment, it avoided US$700,000 in telephony costs. By the end of 2013, Cerner expects to have 9,000 associates using the EV capabilities; by the end 2014, the company will have deployed Lync-based voice telephony to nearly all associates. July 2013 Lync 2010/2013 case study
MWH 4.000
Deakin University 4.000
Wipro 3.000
Lionbridge 2.900 February 2013 case study
Marquette University 2.500 February 2013 case study
NSIA Technologies 2.000
Aspect 1.900 February 2013 case study
Eden Springs 1.500 February 2013 case study
Freudenberg Sealing Technologies 1.500 February 2013 case study
Dunamare 1.400 February 2013 case study
Festo AG 1.300 February 2013 case study
Cegos 1.200
Red Wing Shoes 1.000 Replaced 100% of contact center with Lync EV built on top of Altigen Contact Center solution.  Deployed EV to 50% of employees. June 2012 – Lync 2010 case study

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